Our main focus is project management is to provide rural sanitation, bulk water networking and structure as well as road construction. 


We have ability and proficiency in the institutional capacity of building and training, sanitation business plan developing, researching data analysis, compiling reports of the said data analysis, and the collection of geographical points for Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrines. We also implement support for the agent WSP, ISD (Independent School District) and WSA (Water Services Authority) as well as provide the overall programme management of rural sanitation programmes.


Our organisational and capability profile encompasses the construction of roads, community halls and school renovations. We specialise in water and sanitation project management. We also provide plant hire at competitive rates. We ultimately have a very strong social responsibility towards the society that we operate in. We resolutely believe that this responsibility becomes a key factor for the prosperity of our company. Companies trust us, and have faith in our commitment to this responsibility that we take on and know that they will be well rewarded with the outcome of this trust.