Our service, of which we are very conscious and proud, to the water section and the local government include:

Sanitation Project

  • Sanitation Project Implementation Plan (SPIP)
    • Sanitation Policy facilitation and training
      • Health and Hygiene promotion strategy development and facilitation.
        • Community Based Development Organisation (CBDO) development and training of Sanitation Project Steering Committee (SPSC)
          • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
            • Monitoring and Evaluation
              • Programme / Project financial management

Community Water Supply Programme

  • ISD and training input into a Business Plan
    • Health and Hygiene Promotion strategy development and facilitation
      • Programme Management / Co-ordination
        • Water sanitation / treatment at the point of use community training
          • Spring and Borehole operations and maintenance community training to prevent water borne diseases
            • Ground water maintenance community education
              • Water policy / legislation facilitation and training